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An interview with Bobby Zoe, Producer & key actor of "Think Back"

"Think Back" confronts the detrimental effects of corruption on the African continent head-on, addressing the mismanagement of natural resources, the pollution of environments, and the destruction of habitats.

Filmtage : What inspired you to become an independent filmmaker, and how has your journey been so far in this challenging industry?

Bobby Zoe : Inspired by the conditions of our people and I felt nobody can tell our stories than ourselves. The journey has been tough. You need a whole crew to understand the vision as to how the stories need to be told. You looking at the financial aspect of it, the location and so on.

Filmtage : Independent filmmaking often comes with limited resources and funding. How do you approach the creative process to maximize the impact of your storytelling within these constraints?

Bobby Zoe : The approach, most of all I discussed the funding with my crew and bring in family and friends to raised funds to get it done. Since they all believed in the story.

Filmtage : The film you submitted has received critical acclaim for its unique style and narrative. Can you share the creative decisions and influences that contributed to the film's success?

Bobby Zoe : The creative decision has to do with the conditions of our people, that influence how we want to tell the story with the interpretations of the shots, the locations and the costumes.

Filmtage : Independent filmmakers often face challenges in distribution and reaching a wider audience. What strategies have you employed to promote and share your work with a broader community?

Bobby Zoe : Challenges with distribution is a big issue with us the independent filmmakers. The strategies for now is to keep pushing the film to the renowned film festivals to make it known and release it to a distribution company.

Filmtage : As an independent filmmaker, you have the freedom to explore diverse and unconventional subjects. Could you tell us about a particular project that was close to your heart and the importance of bringing that story to the screen?

Bobby Zoe : Think Back was a project close to my heart. A story written by me with the help of our team. We lay emphasis on the importance of eradicating poverty in Africa by combating inequality in the disbursement of resources to the poor due to different levels of corruption that exist in Africa.

We also stressed the importance of preserving our African forestry sector and protect our natural habitats and ecosystem from exploitation. We also stressed the need to protect our environment from environmental pollution.

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