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An interview with Damien Donnelly, creator of "My Life as a Piece of Space Debris"

The film encourages us to reflect on our place in the universe and the significance of even the seemingly insignificant. It serves as a gentle reminder that every entity, no matter how small, has its own unique story and perspective.

Filmtage : What inspired you to become an independent filmmaker, and how has your journey been so far in this challenging industry ?

Damien Donnelly : The Power of Story Telling ! I loved going to the cinema in the 80s, being brought on journeys to time, places and space where characters always had challenging adventures.

Over the Years, I have assumed many roles in the Industry from Crew ( Video Assist ), Cast ( Extra ), Writing, Directing to Producing. My Favourite Role is Producing i.e. making the impossible possible.

Filmtage : Independent filmmaking often comes with limited resources and funding. How do you approach the creative process to maximize the impact of your storytelling within these constraints ?

Damien Donnelly : In my opinion, with a great Story comes much Responsibility to Punch above your weight in Producing. Low Budget / No Budget pushes you to maximise every resource. In dealing with creative challenges over the Years, I have surrendered myself with Professionals focused on creating the Best project. The Internet has opened up the World to filmmakers. Resources such as i.e. Free Lancers for hire , allows expertise to come from anywhere in the World.

Filmtage : "My Life as a Piece of Space Debris" has received critical acclaim for its unique style and narrative. Can you share the creative decisions and influences that contributed to the film's success?

Damien Donnelly : In creating " My Life as a Piece of Space Debris " I was inspired by Pixar's " Wall-E ". I want to create Micro Doc ( under 5 mins ) with a Story and an intriguing tagline - " Have you ever stop to think what it is like to be a Piece of Space Debris ? ". I am a Massive Space / Sci-Fi Fanatic. It's also a call to action - As Humans we need to clean up after ourselves even in Space. The Concept was created by myself. Written by a Writer in the UK (Fiverr colleague), Voice Over (Fiverr colleague), Sound Design (Fiverr colleague) and Editor (Fiverr colleague). A Fantastic Team of Creatives was assembled. Existing footage - NASA Archive and Licensed Footage was used to bring story to life.

Filmtage : Independent filmmakers often face challenges in distribution and reaching a wider audience. What strategies have you employed to promote and share your work with a broader community?

Damien Donnelly : I have embraced traditional elements - Select Film Festival submission, Posting on Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, Instragram. From a distribution point of view can't recommend Filmhub enough. Fantastic distribution platform

Completed projects to date are available through Filmhub on Amazon, Tubi, Reveel, Apple platforms to name but a few. Check it out!

Filmtage : As an independent filmmaker, you have freedom to explore diverse and unconventional subjects. Could you tell us about particular project that was close to your heart and the importance of bringing that story to the screen?

Damien Donnelly : "Space Rocks!" was a fantastic project exploring - Music, Space and the Human Condition. As Humans we need to be connected. NASA discovered this with the Astronauts (back in the 60s) by creating a Wake up call ritual - Mission Control Human Voice and Music track. " Space Rocks! " was created during Covid at home over a 2 week period. Creative Collaboration took place over the Web - e.g. Sound Mix was done in Nashville Tennessee by a fantastic friend - Tim Dolbear and locally in Kilkenny, Ireland. I also grewup watching MTV so there is a homage element to the Project featuring Beyonce, U2, Elton John, Paul McCarthy and REM to name but a few artists.

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