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An interview with Giuseppe DE VUONO, the writer of A Writer In The Darkness

Recently Giuseppe's screenplay garnered a lot of praise at the Filmtage der Nationen and we contacted the writer with questions we had in mind.

Filmtage : What sparked your interest in becoming an independent screenwriter,

and how has your journey been navigating the world of screenwriting outside of traditional studio systems?

Giuseppe : I have always loved art and cinema and my biggest dream has always

been to be able to tell stories and give important messages to the audience. I started writing my first screenplay four years ago and from there I never stopped, expanding my studies more and more, taking courses and reading manuals and books by the greatest screenwriters and directors.

Filmtage : As an independent screenwriter, you have the freedom to explore

unique and daring narratives. How do you approach the creative process to craft compelling stories that stand out in a saturated market?

Giuseppe : My creative process very often starts from a message I would like to give or something I believe in a lot. I then begin to develop the characters and dialogues, creating a world that can inspire and identify the audience so that they can get excited or reflect on what I wanted to communicate.

Filmtage : Independent screenwriters often face challenges in getting their scripts noticed by producers and filmmakers. How do you go about networking and connecting with potential collaborators to bring your scripts to life?

Giuseppe : I was lucky enough to be able to participate in many international festivals and meet many artists. Talking to them and making my screenplays known is something that has led to wonderful collaborative projects and being able to shoot my first medium-length film.

Filmtage : Your submitted screenplay has been praised for its originality and depth of characters. Can you share some insights into the development process, and how you ensure your characters resonate with audiences?

Giuseppe : My characters very often have very delineated and defined physical and behavioral characteristics. Even their way of communicating must be particular and as sincere as possible so that the public can perceive them as real and not fictitious. I love creating both their physical appearance but above all that they are fascinating, in the sense that they have something important to say, both for the story and for the


Filmtage : Independent filmmaking often allows for more artistic expression, but it can also mean limited budgets. How do you strike a balance between creative vision and practicality when writing scripts for independent productions?

Giuseppe : When I write I try to take into consideration both what I want to communicate and the budget available. I try to create something that can be made at low cost but has a strong story and message, and a great visual product.

We wish Giuseppe a great creative year ahead.

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