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An interview with Silvano Plank, director of "Bat Diary"

Bat Diary is a reflection on the consequences of human curiosity and the pursuit of desires without considering the potential repercussions. Silvano Plank and Helga Köhl's writing delves into complex themes and raises important questions about the nature of humanity.

Filmtage : What inspired you to become an independent filmmaker, and how has your journey been so far in this challenging industry?

Silvano Plank : First experience I had in 1976 with a single 8 Fuji camera which was a present from my mother when I was 14 years old. In 1994 I made the first video curse and continued since today making short movies as a non-professional filmmaker.

Filmtage : Independent filmmaking often comes with limited resources and funding. How do you approach the creative process to maximize the impact of your storytelling within these constraints?

Silvano Plank : The South Tyrol people always helped me to make my takes without paying the locations.

I mean Hotels, ship, cars like Rolls Royce and Lamborghini, helicopter and even one time at the casino at innsbruck/Austria for the short movie: Financial Adviser. That all also because in lot of my movies I had some South Tyrolian Misses.

Filmtage : The film you submitted has received critical acclaim for its unique style and narrative. Can you share the creative decisions and influences that contributed to the film's success?

Silvano Plank : The creative decisions in that case of the clothes are because I saw a lot of movies in young age like Barbarella, UFO and other Sci-Fi. And because just in the beginning of the first takes I had some problems with the feminine cast I decided after receiving an intuition to continue the story including the diary. So came out the name Bat Diary.

Filmtage : Independent filmmakers often face challenges in distribution and reaching a wider audience. What strategies have you employed to promote and share your work with a broader community?

Silvano Plank : The easiest and cheapest strategies for the interested people is sure the social media/Face Book and Instagram, sometimes Twitter.

Filmtage : As an independent filmmaker, you have the freedom to explore diverse and unconventional subjects. Could you tell us about a particular project that was close to your heart and the importance of bringing that story to the screen?

Silvano Plank : Unconventional I wouldn´t say was to produce the short Financial Adviser. To show a rich woman wasn´t always easy and because I made the movie in two different languages with two different main cast. One in Italian and one in Germán language. Thanks the different South Tyrol Misses the doors of the locations are opened a lot of times without any problem

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