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An interview with Anaya Kunst, director of Cosmic Light

Anaya's musical recently won big at the Filmtage der Nationen's 3rd season and we had a heartfelt chat with her to understand more about her works and perspectives.

Filmtage : What inspired you to become an independent filmmaker, and how has your journey been so far in this challenging industry?

Anaya : In my childhood I used to tell people that I would be a Hollywood Artist and filmmaker. My father used to make pictures and films with a Canon camera.And I was delighted to watch and to perform as an actress. In fact I did Drama School besides my education in music, lyric singing, computers, ballet dancing and Olympic gymnastics.

And one day I was filming my colleagues at Midem festival in Cannes, and they asked me why I was doing that and I simply answered: “ I am training to be a movie Director “. And it happened!

Filmtage : Independent filmmaking often comes with limited resources and funding. How do you approach the creative process to maximize the impact of your storytelling within these constraints?

Anaya : I create a financial fund that I keep during the year.

Filmtage : The film you submitted has received critical acclaim for its unique style and narrative. Can you share the creative decisions and influences that contributed to the film's success?

Anaya : My creative process is unique and stays inside my imaginary. To give force and reality to that is a hard working process together with my team.

Filmtage : Independent filmmakers often face challenges in distribution and reaching a wider audience. What strategies have you employed to promote and share your work with a broader community?

Anaya : I use social media platforms and independent filmmakers need to know how to deal with digital marketing.

Filmtage : As an independent filmmaker, you have the freedom to explore diverse and unconventional subjects. Could you tell us about a particular project that was close to your heart and the importance of bringing that story to the screen?

Anaya : I usually work with facts that happen in the universe and with myths. Sometimes I make an homage to a personality or event.

We wish Anaya Kunst the best creative energy for the year ahead.

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